Team G1 is Giving Away Starfield Constellation Edition

starfield constellation edition

The French video game streaming channel is now giving away copies of the Starfield Constellation Edition physical disc for free. According to the channel’s X account, which is in French, only four lucky followers will receive this exclusive gift from the streamer.

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Credit: X/TeamG1

To get a chance at winning the said prize, all X users have to do is retweet the post and add the hashtag #TeamG1 to be seen and added to the raffle. Unfortunately, there is no specific date on when the giveaway will end, but the channel’s X account should be posting more details soon.

In the meantime, log in to your X account and share the post with the hashtag.

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Credit: X

The Constellation Edition is the highest tier of membership in Starfield. With Premium, Constellation members could access the game ahead of regular players on August 31. They also received a free Chronomark smartwatch together with their purchase.

The Chronomark case also became the center of attention when Bethesda’s senior IT manager, Alex Brandt, built a mini-PC using a Raspberry Pi, an Xbox controller, and a Chronomark case. The rig was so minute that the Xbox Game Pass X account called “the whole of space casually in a box.”

The Constellation is part of the United Colonies, which also maintains the UC fleet. The fleet includes powerful M-class starships like the UC Vanguard, which you cannot steal in the base game. However, a mod on Nexus lets you commandeer these ships and make them part of your flotilla of spacegoing vehicles.

It’s only less than a month before Bethesda releases the first of its promised patches, which will, among others, bring “new ways to travel” for players of the studio’s latest open-world RPG.

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