Player and Mom Bond Over Starfield Building Outposts

starfield warm homely outpost

There are many ways to bond with your loved ones, especially your parents. For this player, an unexpected mutual interest in interior designing has made them bond over a video game. That video game, of course, is Bethesda’s space explorer Starfield.

Take note - the player said that his mother never plays video games, and it’s unlikely she’ll start doing so. However, he said his mom is interested in interior design and home improvement. What could be a more perfect way for mother and child to bond than Starfield’s Outpost Creation?

So off they went exploring to look for a suitable location - a beachside outpost is what Mom had in mind. The player built two habs in the location and let Mom take the reins in designing the outpost's interior.

The only time he had to intervene, user Infadool said, was when his mother needed some items for the rooms. In this case, he took control, left the planet, and stole the stuff for her. Afterward, they’d return to the outpost, and Mom would continue designing.

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Credit: Reddit/Infadool
What a way to relax after exploring

Well, Mom did an excellent job! One of the outpost’s defining features is a bed not set against the wall but in the middle of the room facing the Sun.

The proud son posted a tour video on Reddit, so you should check it out!

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