Galbank Chests Found Scattered - Are These Caused by the Patch?

galbank treasure chest starfield

galbank treasure chest starfield

If things are what they seem to be, Starfield may yet be able to find another money-making exploit that they could use to gain quick cash in the game. Specifically, they might be able to find Galbank chests scattered throughout some planets.

This find was shared by X user Doctor Wiki a few days ago on the social media website. He uploaded a video of his character exploring a shipwreck with a couple of Vasco-like bots. At the end of the platform, he found a Galbank chest.

He quickly remarked that he found “another" chest, which indicated that he had seen numerous chests in his exploration.

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Credit: X/Doctor_Wiki

Doctor Wiki thinks this might be another glitch that resulted from the recent update or patch, which supposedly fixed several issues, including the absence of DLSS support.

Doctor Wiki said that these chests are worth 4,000 to 5,000 credits each.

What’s your experience with Galbank chests? How many have you found, and do you think this glitch resulted from the recent update from Bethesda?

Starfield previously had a very popular glitch in the first few weeks after its launch. This glitch involved some puddles in Akila City, in front of the Shepherd’s General Store. These puddles give away a considerable amount of credits and refresh every 24 hours.

This exploit was used by players worldwide to earn infinite cash, but, to their disappointment, an early update from Todd Howard and the team eliminated that exploit.

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