Bethesda and Tempur Launch the Ultimate NASA-based Starfield Gaming Chair

starfield tempur gaming chair

starfield tempur gaming chair

Game developers like Bethesda occasionally partner with other companies to create merchandise that promotes their games. For Starfield, this collaboration would create the amazing Tempur Starfield gaming chair.

This is a match made in gaming heaven. Tempur is known for using materials that NASA also utilizes in its space programs. The company’s memory foam is based on the fabrics used by the space agency to provide cushions for its astronauts on test flights.

Now, Tempur uses its experience in creating the most comfortable foam in the world to create the ultimate gaming chair - the Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair. Take a look at that wonder in the image below.

tempur gaming chair
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The Tempur Gaming Chair is designed to emulate the captain’s chair in Starfield cockpits, down to the armrests and dual monitors in the front of the player. It features joysticks on both armrests, but they’re not for playing.

Instead, these joysticks let users adjust their position to attain the most comfortable and ergonomic playing position.

For instance, they can move the chair forward or backwards to attain the best field of view in which they can focus on the two screens without being distracted by anything beyond the rectangle’s four edges.

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Credit: shieldjames via X

The Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair first appeared at Gamescom in Germany and is currently in the United Kingdom. T3 said that it will be in Paris next month for Games Week.

There’s no indication yet when the Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair will hit the markets. However, a charity raffle at the end of December will give a unit to one lucky winner.

Aside from the Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair, Gamescom also debuted Elgato’s Starfield-based merchandise. Specifically, Elgato produced Wave mics and Steam decks aesthetically designed around Starfield, together with a skateboard and a jacket with Constellation decals.

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