Play as Spike Spiegel With This New Mod

cowboy bebop starfield

cowboy bebop starfield

Cowboy Bebop is a popular anime. Its popularity has even led to a single season of a live-action adaptation. The main character, Spike Spiegel, is a bounty hunter, and there are bounty hunters in Starfield.

You know where that leads - a Spike character in the game!

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Credit: Nexus

This is now possible, thanks to a mod called Spike Spiegel Save with Custom Ships. With this mod, you can play as Spike Spiegel and have a choice of four levels: Levels 2, 25, 50, and 80.

According to the modder, the Spike character was built with a Bounty Hunter background. It has three traits - UC Native, Wanted, and Hero Worshipped.

The character also wears a Syndicate Boss Suit and is armed, by default, with an Old Earth Pistol due to its resemblance to Spike’s Jericho 941.

As for ships, the Level 2 character will pilot a Swordfish III, while the Level 25 character rides a Swordfish IV. On the other hand, both the Level 50 and Level 80 versions pilot a Swordfish V. All ships are named by default as UCS Bebop.

The modder warns, though, that the character’s look is not totally accurate or faithful to the anime design and is the closest he could bring it to. You should, of course, be able to alter it further if you want to refine the facials of the character.

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Credit: Nexus

This mod also starts you off in New Atlantis, one of Starfield's most difficult cities to navigate. Fortunately, there’s also a mod for that. This mod puts a map of New Atlantis, based on Wojtek Antonowicz’s creation, on the billboards that dot the city.

It's been a month, and a week since Starfield launched on September 6. It's incredible, but somebody had surveyed all the star systems in the game.

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