Redditor Tries to Play Starfield as Bethesda Intended

starfield explorer and sarah morgan

starfield explorer and sarah morgan

Many players have expressed their gripes on how Starfield should be played. Some have gotten furious at the removal of the puddle glitches early on, saying that it is integral to their experience.

Others insist that players immerse themselves in the side quests instead of pushing through the main storyline until they reach the Unity.

One Redditor decided to take a step back, look at what the cards had been dealt them at the beginning of the game, and take their cue from there. What results is a process that Redditor Vanilla-G insists must be how Bethesda initially intended its latest RPG to be played.

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According to the user, they had determined that the game starts you off with a full tank that could get you to any major destination, where you would have to replenish your fuel reserves.

They also noted that Sarah as a starting companion is not a coincidence - she has the Astrodynamics perk that directly affects fuel consumption and fast travel range.

They also noted that you could recruit Sarah Morgan without consuming a slot in the crew roster, which means you have more room for members.

Afterward, the player said they tried to follow quests in a progression that kept the fuel limitations in mind. In their thread, they said it changed the game's pace considerably. They then added that learning how to play the game this way could help if the promised return of survival mode pushes through.

It is worth noting, however, that, in the meantime, there is already a Survival Mode mod for Starfield at Nexus, although it works differently than what people may have in mind.

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