Fan Gears Up For the Red Mile And Gets Disappointed

starfield red mile

starfield red mile

The Red Mile Run is one of those quests that could give you a run for your money in Starfield. Indeed, the Red Mile is a shady Porrima III region where gambling is prevalent. It is also one of the places where you could gain some money and other loot, like weapons.

The Red Mile Run lets you run a gauntlet of monsters to get to a beacon at the end of the course. You must also carefully run around toxic gas vents that could kill you and the monsters.

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Credit: Bethesda
Welcome to the Red Mile

That sounds fun, but this Reddit user didn’t share the same enthusiasm about the Red Mile run.

User Axt976bognibba had hyped themselves up for the Red Mile run, admitting that they imagined a brutal gauntlet with plenty of monsters, robots, and probably other humans trying to get through the course. In anticipation, the user stocked up on medicines and combat equipment.

Instead, their post said, all they encountered were five to six “ice dogs” that the user claimed he could get past with creative use of their boost packs.

What is the point, the post complained, of the Red Mile run where “nothing is finished/fleshed out.”

The post garnered quite a few reactions from equally disappointed users. Redditor fpsachaonpc said this user feedback justifies why he doesn’t indulge in gambling in real life. They ended their comment by stating they were “done with Todd’s lies.”

User Drolocke also said that the real gamble for them as players are believing the enthusiastic marketing of Starfield before the launch, echoing fpsachaonpc’s sentiments.

Bethesda has yet to confirm plenty of things about Starfield, which is currently the studio’s biggest launch. For one, it remains to be seen if there will be microtransactions or “pay to win” features in a future DLC.

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