Kevin Warns You - Too Much Starfield Is Dangerous For Your Mind

the offfice meets starfield

the offfice meets starfield

Kevin Malone is one of the most popular characters in the cast of The Office. People love him for his overly blunt comments about his coworkers, with many of these statements bordering on the offensive. Of course, it wouldn’t be a surprise that someone would want to recreate his likeness in Bethesda’s Starfield.

You don’t need to concern yourself with tweaking your new character’s space in order to turn him into the music-loving, blunt-talking Kevin Malone from the office. You can download a mod that will create the preset for you to bring Kevin into Starfield.

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Credit: Reddit

Take a look at the sole pic uploaded by the modder. That’s Kevin himself, so very close to the real thing that the aesthetic achieved by this mod is mind-blowing. We can only guess how long the modder took to come up with this preset, but the time spent was worth it.

There are not that many details about the mod available from its description page on Nexus, so we can assume that this mod will not break your game nor interfere with other mods in your load order.

So, if you’re a big fan of The Office, download the mod for free over on Nexus mods.

Bluntness is also something that you can read about in this hilarious post on Reddit, where a user made a lengthy statement dissecting all those complaints about Bethesda’s newest intellectual property.

This guy didn’t mince words when it came to answering the common gripes players have about Starfield, including complaints about microtransactions that are not yet even implemented in the game.

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