Dodgson of Jurassic Park Is in Starfield?

starfield easter egg

starfield easter egg

Two months and one week after its release, we still have not fully immersed ourselves in the depths of Starfield and its storytelling. However, we know from the onset that there are hidden Easter Eggs and references throughout the galaxy in Bethesda’s most successful open-world RPG.

Reddit user iMaxPlanck posted a screenshot on Reddit over the weekend of an email exchange between two men named Dodgson and Newman. The two characters discuss Dodgson’s role in an upcoming Galbank heist, in which Dodgson is to insert a program that will allow the robbers to steal the money electronically.

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Credit: Reddit

Other users quickly pointed out that Dodgson plays a role similar to Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park, where he had to “hack” the power grid to steal dinosaur embryos from cold storage. However, it also disabled the electric fences that kept the dinosaurs in their enclosure.

In the film, Nedry is hired by Dr. Lewis Dodgson. Dr. Nedry was played by Wayne Knight, who also played a character named Newman in Seinfeld, making the message a double reference to the actor and his roles.

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Credit: Bethesda/Screenshot

Somebody discovered a cloning facility in Charybdis III a few weeks ago with a cloning pod referencing the clone Gary_23 from Fallout 3. Aside from carrying the clone’s name, the pod also referenced the year 2277, when the game took place, and Vault 108, where the clone lived.

Bethesda also weaved in a heartfelt tribute to the late fan Alex Hay, who died in April this year, five months before the game’s release. Hay had been on palliative care by March and was looking forward to the initial release that month before it was postponed to September.

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