Redditor Hits Back at Starfield Whiners

todd howard

todd howard

There will always be fans, and there will also always be the critics, especially with a big game like Starfield. The thing with games, however, is that some critics are just too passionate with their gripes that they end up sounding like they’re pointlessly complaining.

This Redditor decided that enough was enough and put in a very long post on Reddit breaking down what he called "pointless whining."

In his post, a Reddit user, whose handle we cannot publish because it is NSFW, attempted to differentiate between constructive criticism and pointless whining. His piece about constructive criticism was relatively short yet descriptive.

The part about “pointless whining” ate up quite the real estate. Instead of summing everything up, he rips up seven common complaints and answers them in plain words, no holds barred.

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Two of the earliest complainers about Starfield

For starters, the user addressed those complaints about overhype and not delivering on what was promised, explaining that Starfield was marketed the way it should be marketed and that it was the player who fell for the campaign.

He also said that, at its core, Starfield delivered what it had promised - a space-based game with all the RPG and action elements as defined by Bethesda.

He also attacked whiners who complain about microtransactions, pointing out that pushing back against in-game purchases will eventually be disastrous for the company and the fan base.

Citing Bungie as an example, he said that forcing companies to drop microtransactions will also compel them to cut costs on labor and extend development cycles.

The Reddit post attracted a lot of replies, many of them angry players not happy at being real-talked. Don’t take our word for it - head over to the Reddit thread and have some fun!

The last time the community was this stoked was when Bethesda released the update that removed the puddle glitches that allowed players to enjoy infinite cash!

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