Player Discovers Dev Starmap for Starfield

todd howard

todd howard

The existence of “dev rooms” in Starfield and other games is no secret. For the uninitiated, it is a blank slate with no sprites or textures. Developers use these rooms to test during the creation and polishing stage that somehow make it to the final product.

Aside from the dev rooms, some players have also come across what we can call the 'dev starmap.' This is just a starmap where you can see planet and moon shapes, but their textures have not yet loaded.

How does this look? It’s a globe with the colors of Christmas in it, with the following text in white: “Default Planet Material. The swap hasn’t occurred yet. You shouldn’t be seeing this.”

If you want to check out a visual, take a gander at the picture below.

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Credit: Reddit
We shouldn't be, of course.

According to the OP, the user Diotior1 was trying to load a somewhat modded game when the texture failed to load in the Starmap. He wasted no time in trying to capture the image and post it on a Reddit thread, where players quickly advised him to remove mods in his load order one by one to see which one was causing the problem.

Some users, however, cannot help but comment on the colors of the default planet texture. “You gotta love the Grinch color theme for missing planet materials, LOL,” user puzzleheadbutbig joked.

BrotherCorvid even said that he just restarts his game, and it fixes itself, but he likes to run with it for a few moments because “it keeps the [Christmas] spirit alive.”

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