Player Shares 4-Screen Gaming Setup for Starfield

multi screen pc gaming set up

multi screen pc gaming set up

Having multiple displays is an excellent idea both for gaming and work. Many of us are happy with two monitors already, but others like to take it to the extreme, like this guy on Facebook here. User Martin Sanchez Jr. uploaded a snap of his “cockpit” and uploaded it to the STARFIELD Bethesda Gaming Community.

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Credit: Facebook/Martin Sanchez Jr.

As you can see, Martin does not have two or three displays. He has four! If he plays Starfield, he’s treating himself to a full 180 degrees of vision when space traveling or exploring planets. This is nearly similar to the Tempur x Starfield Dream Chair arrangement!

When asked if he does video editing, Martin said no and revealed that he plays flight simulators, specifically DCS. So that’s why there is a joystick at the right-side armrest, which you can see if you look closely.

Another user, Mike Taylor, shared his setup, which has a single 32:9 monitor at the bottom and a shorter one on top. “And I thought mine was overkill,” the Facebook user said.

One more user even suggested that Martin add two more monitors beside the one on the top but was told off by other group members, stating that he’ll have to link multiple monitors on a standard connection for them to work.

This setup would be very useful if he installed the Survival Mode mod on his PC. This mod eliminates many health perks while strengthening enemies, making them harder to fight.

On the other hand, the player becomes easier to kill, which means you’ll have to up your game if you want to make it to the Unity.

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