Player Finds Unknown Bug That Registers Starfield 110% Complete

Todd Howard

Todd Howard

It’s not every day that you allow yourself to be an overachiever, and even this Redditor didn’t intend to do so in the first place. He had just played Starfield on his Xbox to his heart’s content, going through the quests and acing all of the achievements to reach 100%.

Imagine his surprise when he next checked his Xbox dashboard, and he now has an 1100 G-score from Starfield and a 110% achievement rate!

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Credit: Reddit/InquisitivePrime

The user, whose username is InquisitivePrime, theorized that it might be a duplication in the system that has him hitting 100% once again. That sounds plausible since Starfield only has 50 achievements, and he is recorded to have attained 51.

Posts like this, of course, always attract sarcastic comments. FinnAgain88 said that it is “Starborn sh*t for real lol,” which the OP said might be true, that the Starborn are coming into this universe with advanced knowledge of what the upcoming DLC, Shattered Space, might bring.

Another user, Merkbro_Merkington, said that Bethesda’s bugs are heading up the next level, with the OP agreeing and saying that they have infected even Microsoft after the tech giant purchased ZeniMax Media Inc., under which Bethesda Game Studios operates as part of Bethesda Softworks.

Then there’s the completely clueless Redditor who simply asked, “Just how?” “No idea,” InquisitivePrime responds.

The bugs in Starfield have first frustrated players but are now the subject of several humorous content.

The most prominent one is the Honest Conference video, where an AI-voiced Todd Howard admitted to all of the bugs in the game, saying that they had a “300-seat feeder” where they cycle through all the errors in Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG.

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