Player Makes Predictions About Upcoming Starfield Updates

starfield february

starfield february

Bethesda is due to release multiple updates to Starfield, the first of which is expected to drop next month. After that, the award-winning studio behind the Fallout franchise promises to roll out one patch every six weeks.

Bethesda Gaming Studios promises to change the player’s user experience in the announcement. One of the most glaring updates specified was a “new means of travel,” which the company unfortunately did not specify at all.

With the update just a month ahead, Reddit user Loose_Respond_6855 took to Reddit to post his predictions on what this patch will bring to the table.

According to the Redditor, he considers this update to be “the most important” one for Bethesda with regard to its open-world space exploration game.

However, he doesn’t believe that the studio will introduce “deep changes” in gameplay and would probably focus this patch on features that are “the simplest, most obvious, and most requested.”

First, he believes the patch will prioritize bringing FSR3.0 and XESS - two features that would enhance performance to systems running with older Nvidia RTX cards. This is his main prediction in the context of Performance and Stability.

As for the Gameplay Experience, the Redditor said the patch will bring the much-requested city map feature for the major cities of Akila, Neon, Cydonia, and New Atlantis.

The United Colonies’ capital city is so huge that players sometimes get lost, resulting in a modder replacing the city’s billboards with a user-created map.

The Redditor’s prediction also covered the enigmatic new means to travel, which he forecasted to be a “Favorite” feature that will allow you to fast-travel to locations you visit the most from a simple menu.

Of course, these are simply guesses, albeit educated. We’ll know more when Bethesda releases that first update and others starting next month.

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