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We can all assign perks and attributes to each of our four companions in Starfield, but keeping track of them can take time and effort.

The most obvious method to determine their skills is to check them all out in the menu - a fact that leaves you forgetting about the info you wanted to know in the first place after just a few seconds.

One Redditor, however, managed to spot a detail many of us may have missed at the start of our Starfield journey. This detail is a series of patches printed onto the shoulder portions of their spacesuits.

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Credit: Reddit

It’s easy to miss this information, especially since your companions move around with you, and you’re probably focusing more on what’s happening around you to pay attention to this detail.

However, it makes sense because each skill is represented by an icon that looks right at home on their shoulders as patches.

Not all players seem to be able to see this because one Redditor, ProudAd1210, said that his companions don’t have these patches emblazoned on their spacesuits. They might not have set any perks or skills for their companions, but who knows?

So, the next time you pop Starfield into your console or start it up on your PC, try to give Andreja, Sam, Barrett, or Sarah a closer look. You might find these visual cues of your companions’ skills after all.

It’s intriguing to think about what the future holds for Starfield. The game has reportedly dipped into 'Mostly Negative' territory on Steam. Still, Bethesda seems to be gearing up for a comeback, with the first of many updates coming out in early February.

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