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starfield sunrise

starfield sunrise

The procedurally-generated landscapes in Starfield may be critically panned, but this negative feedback did not stop this Redditor from taking the time to take some snaps. In this particular set, they focused on capturing two of the most beautiful moments of the day on any planet - sunrise and sunset.

In this Reddit thread titled My Sunrise/Sunset Collection, user AstronomerIT published nine snaps of sunrises and sunsets taking place on varying planets or moons in Starfield.

Unfortunately, they didn’t mention where they were able to capture such beautiful pictures. That doesn’t matter, however - the beauty of these pictures stands out.

Among the 9, this picture stood out because it reminds us of the opening to the hit Disney movie, The Lion King.

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Credit: Reddit

One could almost hear the voice singing the intro to Elton John’s Circle of Life wafting in the air while looking at the picture. One thing we couldn’t wrap our heads around is the icon in the middle of the picture - is that a tree or a creature?

Head to the Reddit thread and look at the eight other pictures in the collection!

This picture and five others will feature in a special video that will come out this week as part of our Photo of the Week feature. If you’ve got any snaps that should be highlighted in our gallery, please upload your pictures to your socials and add the hashtag #PortalSnapshot.

Don’t forget to vote for Starfield for Best RPG at The Games Awards! While it may not have been nominated for Game of the Year, this is another feather in the cap for Bethesda’s newest intellectual property in 25 years!

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