Ship of the Week - Starfield F-22 Raptor

Credit: Reddit

Credit: Reddit

The motto for the Constellation, a space-faring group in Bethesda’s Starfield, says: “For all, into the Starfield.”

This speaks of an overwhelming passion to overcome one’s limitations and blast off into the vastness of space, which director Todd Howard should make us feel small and want to explore more.

We believe that’s why Howard and the team labored to bring us the Ship Builder menu. We need ships that not only look good on screen but also have the Reactor and combat power to go into the deepest reaches of the Settled Systems... and beyond.

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Credit: Reddit

For this player, it means this ship. Boy, it does have the looks and the teeth to conquer the Starfield and make its pilot the most audacious explorer in the known galaxy.

The first thought that came to our minds was that this is too complicated to build without mods. However, the builder, Reddit user knaivey, said that he made use only of the game’s “vanilla” ship parts to come up with this near-accurate rendering of one of the fastest fighter jets of this current era.

Replying to one of the comments on the thread, knaivey explained that he made good use of 1x1 companion ways to force components to connect in the manner he needed them to resemble the F-22.

He recommends using the Nova or HopeTech tunnel 1x1 parts as they are ideal for forcing connections along both the X and Y axes.

Hopefully, knaivey will come up with a helpful video tutorial to help other explorers achieve this look for their ships in the future.

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