Outpost of the Week - Legacy Base in Barren New York

starfield outpost

starfield outpost

Earth has become a favored location for Starfield players to build their outposts. This is despite our home planet’s significant lack of resources compared to the other celestial bodies in the expansive galaxy in Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG.

That’s the whole point of an open-world RPG, anyway. It’s not a surprise if many players entertain a feeling of in-game nostalgia and want to know how our original home planet fared through the centuries that have passed in Starfield.

Whatever the reason, we have a well-stocked outpost in one of the previous major cities on Earth - New York. Looking at the picture, it’s easy to miss the location because it’s a desert and not the financial center of the world as we know it.

One look at the building in the center, and you instantly know where you are!

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Credit: Reddit

We all know Earth is not as full of resources as we like, and our builder knows that. Instead, they built this to be a museum outpost. There’s a room full of relics from Earth’s pre-celestial period, back when worrying about the atmosphere was worrying about the size of the hole the CFCs were boring into the ozone layer.

You can look at the gallery that user TheHumbleCrumpet has uploaded to their Reddit thread showcasing the insides of their unique outpost.

Earth in Starfield is now more of a tourist destination if you can call it that, given its desert landscape. One of the locations that would’ve been available was Fallout 3’s Washington D.C., which Todd Howard said they had to scrap because of time constraints.

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