Starfield End of Year Update - Bethesda Says 13 Million Players

todd howard

It’s only four days before Christmas and 11 days until the New Year begins. What better time for Bethesda to release its end-of-year report for Starfield than yesterday? What a very informative year-end report it has been, too!

One of the report's highlights is the new statistics for players in Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG. Phil Spencer had said a couple of weeks ago that Starfield had already hit 12 million players, but the year-end report showed that 1 million more had joined the family in the days between.

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Credit: Bethesda

That’s correct; Starfield has had 13 million players in just three months!

Of course, those are not the only statistics the report offers. Would you like to know which fauna has killed more players than the others? That would be the Ashta, the fierce monsters around Akila City. It has been responsible for 1.7 million player deaths as of this time of writing.

Who is the most dangerous faction? Despite their cocky appearance and apparent power, it’s not the Crimson Fleet pirates, but instead the Ecliptic. According to the report, more than 12 million player deaths have been attributed to the Ecliptic.

Finally, how often have players crossed the Unity after talking to the Emissary and the Hunter? Well, the report says 5,178,133 times! Amazing.

This is only the beginning, Bethesda promised in the report, as they are gearing up to release new updates every six weeks starting February 2024 after the holiday break is over for the studio. Bethesda said they’ve all been reading the feedback and will deliver it soon.

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