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starfield outpost

starfield outpost

With more than a thousand planets and moons to choose from, players can exercise all sorts of creativity when building their outposts in Starfield. These structures are about more than just resource collection, after all. They also serve as your “vacation home” when exploring the galaxy.

For Facebook user Michael Spence, Codos is the place for him that’s best considered a “home away from home.” You’ll be amazed at how he laid out his outpost, which he built on top of a low plateau beside the sea.

As you can see from the picture above, Michael’s outpost has two landing pads. Unlike most creations here in Starfield, he situated every part of his compound apart from each other. The larger landing pad occupies the bigger area in the North and Northeast Portions of the island.

The Northwest and Southeast portions have a smaller landing pad and habitat.

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Credit: Facebook/Michael Spence

Michael has a good eye. If he steps up to the bigger landing pad, he can have a straight view of the sea-locked horizon without being obstructed by his habs. You know what this means - great panoramic Photo Mode opportunities!

Codos is a moon orbiting the planet of Akila, the capital of the Freestar Collective. It is known for its marginal flora and fauna and for having the following resources: water, alkanes, aluminum, iron, beryllium, argon, carboxylic acids, and chlorine for outposts.

It’s an exciting time for players who have stuck with Bethesda’s most successful RPG. A major update will enter the Beta phase on Steam Beta on Wednesday, January 17. This patch will bring changes to the game’s graphical performance.

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