Money Doesn’t Come Easy Even in Starfield

starfield mods

starfield mods

Many players know that Bethesda’s newest open-world role-playing game, Starfield, has a looser economy than most competitors in the same genre.

Even the Fallout series had players working hard at amassing the necessary resources to survive in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by nuclear war.

In Starfield, you can just hoard stuff and sell them off to sellers for a price. Monsters drop all sorts of loot that could be sold away. Moreover, players can specialize in stealing ships, earning them thousands of credits!

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Somebody in the modding community decided that Starfield is making it too easy for players to earn their keep. Hence, they created the mod called “Settled Systems Economy Overhaul.”

According to the mod’s description page, the mod will force a player to invest more time and effort to amass needed resources. However, it also incentivizes outpost building and gathering by putting a higher value on rare resources found on certain planets.

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The mod also features an implementation of the Commerce Perk Increases Vendor Credits mod, which increases the price at which players can sell loot to vendors as they level up.

However, players can feel the mod’s impact when they go to the Shipbuilding feature, which has become 10x more expensive with this modification.

These changes were designed to give players more appreciation of the value of resources since they are relatively harder to get by with this mod installed.

While this mod wants the players to make each resource count, this other mod lets players enjoy nearly unlimited supplies of explosives. All they need to do is install a batch file in their Starfield directory and run a couple of BAT commands in the console.

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