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Akila is one of the central cities to the lore of Bethesda’s latest open-world exploration RPG, Starfield. It is the capital of the Freestar Colonies and is also one of the cities important to your quest for the Artifacts.

Now, with this mod on Nexus Mods, you can see an Akila that’s even more detailed and sharp to the eyes. Check out the picture below.

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Credit: Nexus

The mod called Akila City HD was created by user luxor8071. The mod has more than 500 downloads as of today and also garnered 31 endorsements.

The mod is an HD reworking of Akila City, similar to the Starfield HD Rework Mod. However, this mod focuses only on Akila City instead of the entire game. With it installed, the game engine will render background items and environments in Akila in high-definition resolution. This means they can blend in more with the game's main elements.

Akila is also where you can meet your companion, the space cowboy Sam Coe, and his daughter Cora Coe. They’ll assist you in obtaining the map from Jacob Coe, his father. This map will kickstart your journey to meeting the Shaw Gang, whom you can kill or negotiate with as part of the mission.

Akila is also where the infamous puddle glitch was. This glitch previously allowed players to collect infinite cash but was ultimately eliminated by Update 1.7.33, much to the playing community’s disappointment and anger.

Speaking of Sam Coe, Bethesda released an infographic earlier guiding people who want to cosplay the character accurately. It includes recommendations on what to wear to look more like the space cowboy in Starfield.

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