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Even though it is classified as an open-world role-playing game, Starfield, like its predecessor Fallout, includes elements of first-person shooters. You collect weapons and use them against creatures or enemies, for instance.

What Starfield does not have is dying and then respawning randomly in another location. Instead, it takes you back to the last save point. You lose all progress if you’ve gone too far without saving and suddenly die.

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Credit: Nexus

What if Starfield emulates FPS games and respawns you with all your achievements and weapons gone after you die? If you’re wondering about that, you might want to try the Quantum Immortality - Roguelike Permadeath mod.

The mod instantly ends your game and starts an NG+ instance every time you die in combat. When you die, you skip to the ending credits and start a new game in a different universe.

For instance, if you die in NG+, aside from deleting all your previous saves, the mod also alters the circumstances of your rebirth by removing certain characters from the playthrough. You also don’t receive any rewards, and the NG+ count does not change. All the mod does is revert you back to the beginning.

How does the mod affect NG0? According to the mod’s page on Nexus, the mod has two versions - the main and the hardcore versions. In the main version, you don’t lose any progress if you die and can still spawn in the last save point.

On the hardcore version, dying will respawn you back in NG0 with all saved games and character data lost. You must survive to cross the Unity and start NG+ to retain character progress.

If this experience sounds like your cup of tea, download the mod from Nexus. Make sure to read the recommended mods section to ensure that your installation proceeds correctly.

While you’re at it, you might want to think about installing a mod that lets you loot NPCs after you kill them. You can steal their gear and armor to make that NPC naked.

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