Mod Introduces Eight New Character Backgrounds to Starfield

starfield more backgrounds

starfield more backgrounds

Backgrounds in Starfield determine what perks or traits define the individual character in the game and set them apart from others.

For example, the Bounty Hunter already has the Boost Pack Training skill by default, which means they can automatically use boost packs early in their game.

There are already 21 backgrounds available from Bethesda by default, which is actually a lot to choose from.

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However, there’s no such thing as too many backgrounds for some players, which is why a modder decided to create a mod that adds eight more character backgrounds for Starfield.

As such, the More Backgrounds mod brings the available backgrounds to 29. These are the new backgrounds and their perks:

  • Mad Scientist - Perks: Chemistry, Medicine, Research Methods.
  • Corrupt Politician - Persuasion, Commerce, Theft.
  • Disgraced Mayor - Outpost Management, Outpost Engineering, Commerce.
  • Lone Ranger - Isolation, Pistol Certification, Dueling.
  • Last Action Hero - Intimidation, Rifle Certification, Demolitions.
  • Tax Collector - Pistol Certification, Intimidation, Negotiation.
  • Cursed Antiquarian - Commerce, Planetary Habitation, Environmental Conditioning.
  • The Blade - Heavy Weapons Certification, Demolitions, Wellness.

The modder also indicated that he might build new character backgrounds in the future for Starfield. Also, he warns that the mod is experimental and might break players’ games at some point.

Starfield’s launch on September 6 was not only a success but also coincided with another event important to the Space Age.

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On the launch day, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that Ship 25 has already been stacked to its launch platform and that they’re only waiting for federal approval.

We also should not forget about the extremely rare occurrence of a super blue moon appearing just before early access started for Constellation and Premium members.

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