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Fallout 76 Update

Fallout 76 Update

Yesterday, we saw a double-hit combo from Fallout 76. First, the weekly Atomic Shop update brought limited-edition weekly rewards and items. Aside from that, we also saw Bethesda launch a new update to the base game itself!

Of course, it’s important to keep track of what’s new whenever there’s a new patch uploaded for the community. Let’s look at a bird’s eye view of what Update has in store for us, loyal residents of the Appalachians.

If you frequent The Pitt, you need to take extra care not to step into The Toxic Vat. This update has made the 'Toxic' part of the name true. If you fall into it, you instantly die.

As for perks, you’ll probably be delighted that the Legendary Perk Collateral Damage can now be enjoyed when using melee weapons. Previously, its bonuses were only available for players who take on enemies unarmed.

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Credit: Bethesda

Take a look at the detailed patch notes below:



  • Slot Machines: The West Virginia Slot Machine now correctly states it requires 25 caps to use, and addressed an issue where players would receive Perfectly Preserved Pies more often than intended.
  • Building : Players can now once again build the following C.A.M.P. objects; Jewelry Flair display, Flamer Napalm Tank, Mounted Wendigo, Beer Sein Display case, Communist Bunker, Communist Fence
  • Switches: Reduced the Random Switch Budget cost to be consistent with other switches.


  • Daily : Birthday Cake now counts towards the Daily Challenge to "Eat Cake, Pie, or Candy."
  • Daily: Addressed an issue where Feral Ghouls would not count towards the Daily Challenge to defeat them.
  • Daily: Updated the Daily Challenge to Collect Fuel Tanks or gas Canisters to include Plastic Gas Canisters.


  • Items: Spooky Treat Bags, Holiday Gifts, and Mole Miner Pails now grant contextual ammo.
  • Items: Players can once again craft the following items; Vault Tec Jumpsuit, Communist Militant Outfit, Communist Militant Hat, Communist Spy Ski Hat, Communist Spy Ski Outfit, Communist Threat Combat Rifle Paint, Communist Style Handmade Rifle Skin, Communist Red Secret Service Underarmor, Communist Spacesuit
  • Scout Armor Masks: Covert, Forest, and Urban Scout Armor Masks can now properly be painted and returned to their original paint jobs. The Urban Scout Armor no longer has a duplicate "No Paint" option.
  • Plans: Star Light now has the correct and visible display name on Acquisition, Learning, and Crafting.
  • Plans: Fixed a bug where the Slot Machine Podiums recipe was still available for purchase from Giuseppe when players knew the recipe.
  • Weapons: Modifying Ultracite Lasers with the Beam Focused mod no longer removes the visual effects.
  • Legendary Mods: Addressed an issue where the Furious Legendary Mod would give a maximum 45% damage bonus after consecutive hits instead of the intended 90%.


  • The Pitt: Players who jump inside the Toxic Vat in The Pitt will now instantly die.
  • Atlantic City: Adjusted the contextual ammo drops to be consistent with The Pitt.
  • Atlantic City: Addressed an issue on PlayStation where the Expeditions Reward screen displayed an incorrect prompt.
  • Atlantic City: Addressed an issue where Atlantic City Weekly Rewards for completing all option objectives would not display on the Rewards Summary screen if the player earned too many rewards.
  • Expeditions: Alien Blaster Weapons now award proper contextual ammo when completing an Expedition.
  • Expeditions: Fixed a bug when attempting to resume an Expedition while selecting the location that your current Expedition is NOT in, the UI would show the selected location rather than your current Expeditions.
  • Expeditions: Addressed an issue where players could not access the Expedition UI by selecting the Vertibird Icon on the paper map.
  • Expeditions: Addressed an issue where players could not travel back to Appalachia through the Expeditions Menu.
  • Expeditions: Addressed an issue where the Expedition Icon would not appear on the paper map.
  • Overgrown: Addressed a location where Overgrown could get stuck near Quentino's Night Club.
  • Tax Evasion: The objective to return to Sal with the unlucky gambler's winnings will now be complete if the player resumes the mission after completing the objective.
  • Tax Evasion: Fix an issue where slot machines would sometimes float after reentering the Neapolitan Casino.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Fixed an infinite loading screen that would occur when resuming an expedition after failing the timer objective.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Showmen's Flag is no longer present unless the relevant objective is active.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Fixed an issue where Naughty Showmen could leave the pillory prematurely if attacked.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Tatos thrown at Naughty Showmen now correctly explode on impact.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Removed take or equip prompt from fireworks in Most Sensational Game.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Addressed a crash for Expedition host.
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  • The Most Sensational Game: Addressed an issue where the objective to "Approach the Play Area" would appear too early.


  • Collateral Damage: The Legendary Perk Collateral Damage now works with all melee weapons and not just unarmed weapons.
  • Cola-Nut: Updated the Cola-Nut perk description to specifically state it applies to Nuka-Cola drinks.
  • Disease: Contracting the Lock Joint disease now correctly increases the AP cost of Melee Power Attacks by 50%.
  • Fire in The Hole: Fire in the Hole perk now properly shows trajectory on unique grenades.


  • Jet Pack: The Deep Space Alien Invader Jet Pack is no longer incorrectly labeled as an Atomic Shop Item and can be applied to all Power Armor Variants. (Note: This item is a Daily Ops reward.)
  • Paints: Fixed various clipping issues with Power Armor paints.
  • Power Armor: Fixed an issue where various Power Armors did not have radiation resistance.
  • Union Power Armor: Union Power Armor pieces now only drop once a player knows how to make the armor pieces.


  • A Knights Penance: Tension trigger trap on chests now trigger an explosion when activated.
  • Quest Tracking: Fixed issue where certain side quests would not display the Quest Available fanfare.


  • Atlantic City: Addressed various missing textures inside the Aquarium of the Atlantic.
  • Feral Ghouls: Addressed an issue where Feral Ghoul attacks dealt AP damage to players.
  • General: Fixed various areas in Atlantic City where players could see out of world.
  • Localization: Various localization fixes.
  • Mirelurks: Addressed an issue where Mirelurks in Appalachia only spawn as friendly glowing variants.
  • Player Character: Fixes scenario where Pipboy can be invisible when creating a new character on the same server.
  • Robco Research Center: Removed a train car that blocked players from entering other train cars.
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