Fan Creation of the Week - Bartender Brings Love of Starfield to IPA Mix

starfield freestar

starfield freestar

We understand that video games can be pervasive. Our love for games like Starfield could spill over to our music, decor, and even apparel tastes. Rarely, however, do you see it seep into local culture, like your local brew. This, however, is what this Redditor discovered over the weekend.

On Sunday, Redditor BrokenTachikoma uploaded a snap of what seems to be a drink menu offered by a local tavern. The picture was heavily cropped, so we can’t see the exact name of the brewery, only that its name bears the word 'Hammock.'

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Credit: Reddit

In any case, the picture was of a part of the brewery’s menu. It highlights item no.7, which is named 'Freestar Collective.' We’ve scoured resources to be sure, of course, but there’s no other fictional group by such a name other than the space cowboys of Akila.

The menu classifies the drink as a New England IPA, with 7.1% ABV. It mixes “El Dorado hops for tropical juiciness with the bright, sweet fruitiness of Nelvin Sauvin hops.” If you throw back a pint of this mix straight from the tap, you can start drifting into the Starfield…

Deeper down the thread lies a clue to where this is - the OP said in a comment that the brewery is located in South Carolina in the United States. We quickly searched and found the name 'Crooked Hammock Brewery.' If you’re in the area, you might want to check it out and see if they offer the Freestar Collective.

Players who stuck with the game since the beginning recognize the Freestar Collective as one of the two major factions of Starfield. The Collective defeated the United Colonies during the Colony War and is based in Akila City, where the infamous puddle glitch used to be.

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