Doom Goes Medieval: Rumoured Xbox Games Showcase Announcement

A picture of a medieval Doom Slayer
Credit: X - @Wario64

A picture of a medieval Doom Slayer
Credit: X - @Wario64

With the Xbox Games Showcase approaching quickly, players and fans have already started speculating which games will be announced this year. Multiple games were mentioned in a leaked court document before Microsoft’s Bethesda acquisition, from Starfield's Shattered Space DLC to an Oblivion Remaster. Recent news from Insider Gaming has confirmed a new Doom game set in medieval times and mentioned that it will be announced in the upcoming showcase.

The game, under the codename “Year Zero,” appears to be a prequel to the series and is called “Doom: The Dark Ages.” Posted on X by user @Wario64, many people compared the medieval Doom game to Heretic, Quake, and Hexen, which DOOM developer id Software also developed. Whether the story takes on a prequel with Doom Slayer or another character, fans are already anticipating the official announcement.

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The most recent Doom instalment, Doom Eternal, garnered multiple game award nominations and had a relatively positive reception from players and critics alike. With its predecessor’s and franchise’s success, the new Doom game could be another success for Xbox and ID Software. More exciting details about the game are expected to be released during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9.

In other fantastic gaming news, The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road update is coming soon to PC/Mac on June 3 and Playstation and Xbox on June 18. Players can now start pre-purchasing the expansion for exclusive bonuses, including a new pet and mount. To find out which version of Gold Road suits you best, check the official ESO announcement here.

What gameplay mechanics and lore details do you want to see in the upcoming Doom game? Let us know in the comments below!

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