Mod of the Week - Alternate Earth

starfield earth

We all know what happened to Earth in the storyline of Bethesda’s newest role-playing game, Starfield. A freak accident involving a grav drive wiped away the magnetosphere and atmosphere, turning the Earth into an environment hostile to life and forcing humanity to leave for other planets.

For the post-apocalyptic humans of the game, Earth is nothing but a barren planet with nothing to offer the space explorer. However, what if things were different, and Earth’s environment managed to drive from the absence of humans?

Well, you only need to download this new mod from Nexus called Alternate Earth.

The Alternate Earth mod transforms the barren planet into a lush green world full of forests, safe water, and frequently changing weather. The mod does this by editing existing biomes in Starfield’s data set and adding them to Earth.

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Credit: Nexus

Four versions of the mod are available, each with a unique biome configuration. The main version, Alternate Earth 01, features a Coniferous forest with ferns and shrubs.

Alternate Earth 02 puts an Oak Forest on Earth, while Alternate Earth 03 is more tropical, with expansive savanna landscapes, Aleppo Pine trees, and Acacia.

Last but not least, Alternate Earth 04 Main Biome introduces hills full of Sycamore trees together with shrubs, grass, and ground cover.

Did you know that Todd Howard intended for Washington D.C. from Fallout 3 to appear as a location in Starfield’s Earth with NASA? The Bethesda executive explained that, while they had it planned, they had to scrap it altogether because of time constraints.

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