Redditors Speculate About City Icon in Europa

starfield planets

starfield planets

At this point, many of us loyal players of Starfield can agree that there are more mysteries than facts laid in stone in the game. For example, there are enigmatic POIs that Bethesda and Todd Howard have not put forth any explanation for just yet.

One of these points of interest is a 'city' on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter.

Redditor TheCarGuyInVegas posted a video on the forum showing people a city icon hovering over Europa when the player zooms out of the Sol star system. However, when he tries to zoom in and set a landing place to explore the supposed city, he can no longer find the “city” on the moon.

Redditor bearstearns points out a similarity with Polvo Station, which appears on the map but is inaccessible to ships, and suggests that it might be a DLC endpoint.

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Credit: Reddit/Bethesda
That city might be full of things like this.

However, it is the user ShriyanshPandey who had the most interesting theory. They suggested that, in the future, Bethesda might put in an underwater research station when the development team finally comes up with an underwater expansion DLC.

At this point, other players are skeptical because Bethesda has not mentioned any future DLC. No details are available yet about the only Starfield DLC known to the public - Shattered Space.

There’s plenty of speculation about the first DLC, even though it’s only been four months since Starfield officially launched. One such theory suggests that the player might be embroiled in an internal faction between the Va’Ruun on their home planet.

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