Player Unearths Hidden Mantis Feature and Freaks Out

starfield mantis

starfield mantis

Starfield has a ton of content that we still haven’t brought to light until now, two months after its launch. The game surprises us in many ways, and this user on Reddit is not an exception.

Imagine wearing that helmet or spacesuit for a month or so, and you find something that Bethesda didn’t reveal at the onset.

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Credit: Reddit
Surprised you, huh?

At least that’s what Reddit user DocHalidae found out four days ago. He was walking around in what seemed to be the inside of an outpost. He enters a darkened area and then turns on the Mantis Helmet light.

This is surprising, especially since Starfield’s developers have never mentioned this “hidden feature” before. DocHalidae didn’t say how he came across this feature or how he activated it, however.

The post immediately garnered varied reactions from the players in the thread. One player said that he dislikes the Mantis helmet because of what it looks like, but he thinks he’ll try the gear after seeing this previously unknown feature.

Another user said he could imagine that helmet light intimidating spacers in the dark, like Darth Vader in that post-credits scene in Rogue One. Even we could admit that that kind of scene in a Starfield cinematic would be cool!

Yet one more Redditor used the thread to tell people to imagine the possibilities once Bethesda does introduce a Suit Builder feature in the future, attracting a comment from DocHalidae implying that it would create more Mandalorians than Iron Man suits.

While we don’t have a Suit Builder yet, we do have the character builder feature at the start of our game. There are infinite possibilities with character creation.

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