Man Receives Crocheted Wilby for Help in Moving House

starfield plushie gift desert planet background
Credit: Reddit

starfield plushie gift desert planet background
Credit: Reddit

There are plenty of ways to repay a person for a favor outside of money. In this guy’s case, however, he received an extra special gift - a crocheted Wilby plushie based on the ones found in Bethesda's latest RPG, Starfield.

According to the Redditor spacedog010, he extended his hand to assist a good friend and his significant other in moving from their old apartment to the new one. Much effort was involved because moving into a new home is never a trivial matter.

When all the tasks were done, he was given a blue, accurate-sized Wilby as a thank-you gift! You can see from the pictures how happy our Redditor is about this unexpected present. After all, all he did was provide a favor to a good friend.

We can also see and appreciate all the effort behind the creation of this gift. It probably took a few days to craft by hand and required plenty of yarn for its size.

It’s worth noting that this is perhaps the first instance of a Wilby crocheted according to the recommended size in the official pattern released by Bethesda a few months ago. Other players have made numerous Wilbys, but they were somehow smaller than the plushies seen in the game.

Speaking of the adorable Wilbys, one player has discovered a Wilby rescue mission within the ruins of Londinion in Toliman II. You can find two blue Wilbys - with one wearing a pair of binoculars - and a rare red Wilby, with a sniper rifle and a Master-level safe thrown in.

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