Ship of the Week - The Raptor, A Starfighter

starfield ship

starfield ship

Howdy, explorers! We hope you’re ready for the upcoming weekend, but before that, we’d like to give you our Starfield Ship of the Week pick!

Our pick is from somebody we featured last time - V’s Staryard, who uploads his builds on his Instagram account. Last week, his creation - The Buzz Lightyear ship -- made it into our Ship of the Week selection, making this his second feature.

This time, he created a ship that’s as faithful to the Jedi Starfighters as the limitations of Starfield’s Ship Builder would allow. The result - a class-B starfighter that he endearingly calls The Raptor, a predominantly white V-shaped fighter with red and gold accents.

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Credit: Instagram/vsstaryard

V’s Staryard’s Instagram description shows this is not a modded build. Additionally, the ship was built using the Xbox Series X and not the PC.

Look at The Raptor in our weekly gallery and special video, which will be available for the next seven days. Don’t hesitate to upload your own builds to your socials as well - we’re actively looking for hardworking creators to give our weekly feature to.

This week, Xbox’s chief financial officer, Tim Stuart, reiterated Microsoft’s driving goal of introducing the Game Pass subscription service to every screen worldwide.

He acknowledges that this would require partnering with who the company formerly considers as competitors - Sony and Nintendo, for instance.

There has been an earlier precedent, of course. Xbox’s CEO Phil Spencer also announced in 2020 that he is willing to enter discussions with Sony and Nintendo to bring Game Pass into their networks, but the conversation was not fruitful.

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