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starfield ship

starfield ship

Happy Friday, explorers! Are you excited to see what we have for Starfield Ship of the Week? Boy, we have a good one that we’re sure will appeal to the kid inside of you and your kids if you have them.

Everyone, help us welcome to Starfield none other than Buzz Lightyear himself! Somebody on Instagram going by the handle vsstaryard created a very faithful recreation of the vessel piloted by the beloved character we first met in The Toy Story series.

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Credit: Instagram/vsstaryard

As we could see from the image above, vsstaryard’s Buzz Lightyear ship is a Class C Xiang vessel with a Pinch 8Z Reactor capable of generating 40 Power. It is built using a diverse set of components from various brands, including Stroud-Eklund, Nova, and Deimos.

Probably expecting people to ask for a tutorial given how accurate this recreation is, vsstaryard also created a step-by-step instruction video that he uploaded to his YouTube channel. So, if you want to build one of your own, watch his tutorial video.

If you loved this recreation of Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship from the movie, you might also want to check out this Armored Core-inspired ship. It’s a rarity because few people create mech-based vessels on Starfield.

If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to download Starfield’s latest patch. This fixes several issues in some quests and introduces the long-awaited DLSS support for the game. Many fans have already experienced the 200% boost in performance that this patch has brought over, so don’t miss out!

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