Fan Creation of the Week - 25th Anniversary Shepherd’s Pie

sheperds pie starfield

sheperds pie starfield

Nearly three months after the highly successful launch of Bethesda’s latest open-world action RPG, Starfield, we’re still seeing no shortage of fan creations. Just today, we went through X and found a very interesting real-life Starfield creation from a Japanese player.

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Credit: X/ebiimamagame

That’s right - you’re seeing a real-life Shepherd’s Pie, or as close to it as the player could manage. According to the translation, it’s technically a cottage pie because it has ground beef for a filling, but the user tried their best to capture the look of the iconic Shepherd’s Pie.

It’s also a very special creation for two reasons. One, it is the player’s 25th wedding anniversary with their spouse. Second and last, it was also the first time that they managed to make the mashed potatoes successfully.

What a sweet gesture from a loyal Starfield fan!

The Shepherd’s Pie is a consumable item that restores 15 HP and lets the player gain 2% more experience for sixty minutes. In-game, the food can be made from 1 Spice, 1 Onion, 1 Carrot, 1 Potato, and 1 Red Meat or purchased from Kay’s House on Jemison.

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Credit: X

This is the second real-life Starfield food creation we’ve encountered since Starfield’s launch. The first was a real-life Chunks breakfast made from Spam, Pork, Beans, and Fried Eggs made into squares like in the game.

Feel free to upload to your socials any Starfield-based creation you might have up your sleeve, explorers! We’d be more than happy to feature them in our Fan Creation of the Week section, which comes with a spot in our gallery and a special video.

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