The Jester’s Festival Is Coming to Tamriel!

three jesters elder scrolls online jester's festival
Credit: Bethesda

three jesters elder scrolls online jester's festival
Credit: Bethesda

The Jester’s Festival returns to The Elder Scrolls Online to bring fun and laughter to Tamriel for a week, beginning March 28 at 10 AM Eastern time.

For a week until April 4, you have all the time to collect preposterous and ridiculous rewards!

The Jester’s Festival is an invite-only event, but there’s no need to worry. From the 28th onwards, you can receive invitations from the jesters in Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall. You only need to find the event pavillions in these three locations and receive your parchment from the funny men.

A clue - they’re all pretending to be alliance leaders.

the elder scrolls online jester's festival jesters
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Credit: Bethesda
The Three Jesters

If you can’t find them, don’t fret! You can still go to the Crown Store and start the Jester's Festival Invitation Quest. Finish this quest, and you can begin reaping the rewards created especially for you for this event.

This year’s event is different from the previous years. Although you can still receive a Pie of Misrule from the introductory quest, you can now receive the 100% XP bonus without using it.

Make sure to log in daily and complete the events-only quests from March 28 to April 4 to receive Jester’s Festival Boxes. These boxes store various rewards, including:

  • Festive Dazzlers
  • Cherry Blossom Confetti
  • Revelry Pies
  • Festive furnishings
  • Jester’s Festival provisioning recipes
  • Treasures that can be sold to vendors for Gold
bethesda elder scrolls online jesters seeker suit style
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Credit: Bethesda
Jester's Seeker Suit Style

Completing a Jester’s Festival quest for the first time rewards you with a Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box, which can give you any of the following:

  • NEW: Jester's Seeker Suit outfit style page
  • Jester's Scintillator Runebox
  • Cherry Blossom Branch Runebox
  • Cadwell's Kitchen weapon-style page
  • High-value Treasures
  • Festive noise maker parts
  • Joke Popper fragments

These are just the surface of the iceberg. Make sure to check the official announcement on the Elder Scrolls Online website!

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