What Does Italy Look Like in Starfield?

starfield italy

starfield italy

Starfield takes place in a timeline set two hundred years after our own and features an Earth whose environment has been decimated by a man-made catastrophe. Naturally, we’d wonder what happened to our beloved home planet.

We see glimpses of Earth’s fate during the final mission when the Space Explorer returns to Cape Canaveral as directed by the Starborn. It’s a massive desert, with many of the Earth’s iconic locations standing amidst sandy environments. However, as this player did, one can still explore Earth without waiting for the final mission.

So what did this player, who goes by bindermichi on Reddit, see? Well, take a look at the picture below.

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Credit: Reddit

Apparently, bindermichi was on the European continent for a mission to collect a few snow globes and decided to drop by Italy. Italy is where the center of Rome used to be, with only the Vatican remaining as a last reminder of the Empire’s glory days in today’s time. Even today, Italy is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering.

In Starfield, it’s just mountains of white sand with broken-down remnants of monuments scattered at some points. This monument is the derelict Leaning Tower of Pisa and is one of the locations where you can collect a snow globe. However, another Redditor pointed out that this snow globe is not counted towards the Old Earth Armor.

Aside from Cape Canaveral in NASA, at one point during development, there would have been many more Earth locations in Starfield; as Todd Howard himself said, they would’ve included the Washington D.C. seen in Fallout 3, but they were forced to drop it due to time constraints.

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