Elder Scrolls Online: Update 41 and Scions of Ithelia Now Up for Public Testing



You don’t have to wait very long for the latest Elder Scrolls Online patch and DLC to officially arrive to give it a try. All you have to do now is just go to the Public Test Servers and download the test version of the two updates.

The ESO team ran a server update yesterday, January 29, to upload both the Scions of Ithelia and Update 41 to the server. The maintenance period has since concluded, and all players have to do is toggle the “Show Public Test Environment” option in the ESO launcher for the PC and Mac.

According to the ESO official forum, Update 41 - which is officially called V9.3.0 and has a file size of 2.99 gigabytes - has the following additions to the base game:

  • 3 new PvP item sets that can be obtained from Rewards of the Worthy
  • Union of gear and Cyrodiil repair kits
  • Enabling of stacking for siege equipments
  • Increase in Undaunted key rewards
  • Updated graphics settings presets and minimum hardware specifications
  • A preview of the Gold Road chapter prologue quest

On the other hand, the Scions of Ithelia will bring two new PvE dungeons - Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil.

If you plan to participate in the Public Testing, leave your feedback through the live chat, forums, or Bethesda Twitch channel.

Bethesda will be celebrating the Elder Scrolls Online’s 10th anniversary this year. The festivities begin with a 2-day kicker event that will take place in The Netherlands in April. Numerous other events will follow throughout the world until 2025.

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