Mod Brings the Exo Race From Destiny 2 to Starfield

destiny starfield

destiny starfield

Starfield may have multiple factions, but some think Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG seriously lacks entries in that category. Thus, they make mods that bring original races or those from other games into the game.

This mod called the Exo Playable Race, retextures the Pathfinder Armor and turns it into re-skins that turn NPCs and player characters into the Exos from Bungie’s Destiny 2. Check out this screencap of Sarah Morgan handing you a Chronomark while she is disguised as an Exo.

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Credit: Nexus

This mod is comprehensive. It gives you numerous choices - 14 unique faces split into seven male and seven female faces, 20 accessories for the helmet, eight types of decals for each of the 14 faces, and nine colors each for eyes and teeth.

For those unfamiliar with Destiny 2, the Exos are a race of synths similar to Nick Valentine in Fallout 4. Exos, however, are actual human consciousnesses transported into an artificial body, not the drone-like robots you occasionally battle in Fallout.

The Exos armor in Starfield is given stats that reflect the original characters’ capabilities in Destiny 2. They have 60 physical, 40 energy, 20 thermal, 20 airborne, and five corrosion resistances. However, they are weak against electromagnetic forces because of their synthetic body.

This mod is lore-friendly; even if you transformed your character into a synthetic android, you could still enjoy the 15% XP boost for sleeping with your companion.

Speaking of the XP boost from romance, did you know you can have two wives in Starfield? Thanks to a still unpatched bug, players no longer have to limit themselves to Sarah or Andreja. They must remember that this is a game, not real life.

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