Fan Creation of the Week - Real-Life Rattler

rattler starfield

rattler starfield

Now that Starfield is over a month old, we’ve seen many beautiful creations from fans. These creations range from the recreation of ships from other franchises to building outposts with stunning views and interiors and bringing characters and items from the game to real life.

Nothing, however, will prepare you for today’s Fan Creation of the Week entry. Without further adieu, we’re presenting a real-life replica of the Rattler.

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Credit: Reddit
An impressive fan creation worthy of attention.

Reddit user Scuurvy made this amazing work of art. If you wonder at its detail and quality, the Redditor explained that he used a 3D printer to build the gun's metal parts.

This is remarkable, considering that Bethesda has not released any official guides that could be used to 3D print the gun with accuracy at this level.

The high-quality finish on the grips makes the gun even more beautiful, which Scuurvy explained was made of walnut. He also explained that he built the replica to have an authentic spring release mechanism… just like a real gun.

Nobody asked the builder if he also designed the gun to be able to fire, but we’re assuming he did not, as that would be against the law.

In the game, the Rattler is a pistol built by the fictional gun company Laredo. It uses a clip with 12 0.27 caliber bullets. The Rattler can be modded to become armor-piercing or to fire in semi-automatic mode.

The gun is a good pair for characters built to be Combat Medics or Space Scoundrels because of the builds’ pistol certifications.

This would’ve been a great entry into the Official Constellation Journal if the Redditor had bought the book from Bethesda. If not, he can try making notes using his smartphone to document his Starfield journey.

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