Fallout London Lead Dev Wishes Bethesda Reached out to Them About FO4 Update

todd howard fallout london
Credit: Bethesda/Team FOLON

todd howard fallout london
Credit: Bethesda/Team FOLON

The massive Fallout London mod for Fallout 4 was slated for release just after the Fallout show launched, but its developers had to postpone the rollout indefinitely to account for changes brought about by Bethesda’s next-gen update.

Team FOLON stoked the fires of anticipation when they announced in December that the Fallout London mod is complete and will be released on April 23, just two weeks after the Prime Video live-action series premiere.

However, Bethesda messed up this timeline when the studio announced that the much-awaited Fallout 4 next-gen update would finally be released on April 25.

Team FOLON lead dev Dean Carter then released a video explaining that, with the update introducing changes that will break the mod, they have no choice but to postpone the release indefinitely. While they can fix their core systems as quickly as possible, Fallout London also relies on other mods with their own timelines outside of the team’s control.

However, Carter, who also goes by the handle Prilladog, assured fans that the mod is ready to go as soon as the fixes are done.

In a separate interview, Carter expressed his opinion that this delay could have been avoided or, at the least, expectations could have been managed had there been communications between Bethesda and the modding team.

They could just say, ‘Well, look, this is when it’s due to come out. Maybe, get your PR in order, or talk to your fans, cage expectations, because this is what’s going to happen,’” he told BBC, adding that this would’ve been better than being “blindsided.”

Carter also expressed his opinion that Bethesda should’ve at least reached out given that the team’s content about Fallout London outperforms any announcement that the studio puts out regarding Fallout 76.

You’d think that they’d have at least had a conversation to just be like, ‘Look, you guys are clearly at least notable, you’re not official, but let’s make sure that we don’t ruin this for the fans,” he said.

In the end, Carter clarified that he is not blaming Bethesda for the delay and said that it is “inevitable” due to the evident lack of communication between the two teams.

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