Skyrim Fans Implore Bethesda to Stop the Updates

Credit: Bethesda/Screenshot

Credit: Bethesda/Screenshot

Bethesda upset many when they revealed the Creations Studio was set to replace the old Creation Club and in the process, deployed a mod-breaking update.

Those updates created issues with popular mods and tools, leading some to protest the new Studio feature, which looked to further Bethesda's attempts to monetize the mod scene.

Some modders pledged to keep their mods free on Nexus rather than sign up for the Verified Creator Program.

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Credit: Bethesda
The Bethsda Game Studios Creations

Those issues had somewhat subsided, but another Bethesda update in the middle of January intended to fix minor issues with the Skyrim Special Edition further exacerbated the issues, and players have had enough.

Over on Reddit, players are begging Bethesda to leave Skyrim alone. In a thread titled “Bethesda needs to STOP F******G UPDATING THIS GAME,” Redditor johkungo said that there’s no point in updating the game as Skyrim is “very old” and that the updates make it difficult to continue developing mods for it.

Johkungo then pointed out that players flock to Skyrim because of the modding community, and this takes a serious hit every time Bethesda releases patches for the 12-year-old game.

With plenty of active mod teams working on soon-to-be-released projects - the long-awaited Lordbound DLC, which will bring over 50 new dungeons to explore, is just one - the game's continued stability is a valid concern for players and modders alike.

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