Check Out These Elder Scrolls Online Freebies For This Month!

elder scrolls online orsinium achievement challenge
Credit: Bethesda

elder scrolls online orsinium achievement challenge
Credit: Bethesda

It’s March, and we are only three weeks away from kicking off the Elder Scrolls Online 10th anniversary celebrations in The Netherlands. However, Bethesda also has free stuff to give away to its ESO community this month, ahead of the festivities that are about to happen in April.

elder scrolls online orsinium dlc
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Credit: X/Bethesda


The Orsinium DLC takes the player to the Wrothgar region and the Orsinium, the former capital city of the Orcs. As part of the expanded storyline, they will be responsible for helping King Kurog gather all Orc tribes under a single banner while exploring new quests and dungeons.

After logging in to their ESO account twice between today and March 31, they can collect the DLC as a reward.

summit lords silken robes elder scrolls online
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Credit: Bethesda
Summit Lord's Silken Robes


Aside from the main storyline, players have enough incentive to go through all of the challenges in the Orsinium DLC. For example, if you take the time to defeat all four bosses in the Wrothgar region, you earn more than just the Defender of Orsinium achievement.

You also get to receive three exclusive costumes, namely:

  • Eternity Tunic with Pants
  • “Brilliance” Brocade Robes
  • Summit Lord’s Silken Robes


Since you’ll be helping King Kusog unite all of his kinsmen’s tribes, it’s only fitting that you get a reward. When you complete the main quest line, you earn the Kingmaker achievement and receive the fearsome Inksur Ursauk mount.

The costumes and the Inksur Ursauk mount can be redeemed as Crown Store collectibles once you complete the required quests between now and April 1 at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time.

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