Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary Artists Unveil Tamriel Stunning Diorama

ithelia the new daedric prince elder scrolls online tamriel diorama
Credit: Bethesda

ithelia the new daedric prince elder scrolls online tamriel diorama
Credit: Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls Online's 10th anniversary is in full gear, and one of the celebratory stuff players should look forward to is the expansive diorama of the world of Tamriel explicitly built for this milestone event for the game.

Those who attended the 10th-anniversary event in Amsterdam last month would not have missed the Tamriel diorama, one of the centrepieces of the gathering. This scale model, created by the ArtiDex team and designed by concept artist Audrey Scharrer, is a work of art.

The diorama, a labor of love, took at least three months to build. It combines traditional scale model artistry and cutting-edge 3D printing to recreate the sweeping landscapes of Tamriel. All sorts of materials have been employed to bring the diorama to life, according to ArtiDex team leader Dawid “Dexter” Smelczysz, and these include wood, PVC, and styrofoam, among others.

For instance, the Elden Root model used a trunk built using a 3D printer, to which branches made out of Styrofoam and reindeer moss were attached. On the other hand, some model trees were pre-existing models procured from the market.

elder scrolls online white-gold tower miniature
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Credit: ZeniMax Online/ArtiDex

Of course, this was a collaborative effort with many other teams. For instance, the character models scattered throughout the diorama came from Modiphius, known for building scale models for tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Dexter’s team glued the models into place and painted them.

The diorama also features many of the iconic structures in Elder Scrolls Online, like the White-Gold Tower and Dwarven Ruins, as well as the Mournhold and Wayrest castles. The ArtiDex team lovingly painted all of these by hand.

Those who missed the two-day kicker event need not worry. The diorama will be featured in many 10th-anniversary events worldwide until next year. Make sure to keep track of updates on the Elder Scrolls Online website or in their official X account.

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