Outpost of the Week - Jemison Plateau Outpost

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There are numerous locations in Starfield in which you can erect an outpost. Even the capital planet Jemison, with most of its real estate already eaten up by New Atlantis, still has plenty of room to spare. That’s what this Facebook user, Jack Green, is dedicated to capitalizing on.

His outpost is located on a clearing between two crags and overlooks the plains of Jemison. It has a sizable landing pod and plenty of rooms to house an entire battalion of troops. What’s interesting, however, are the interiors of this particular outpost.

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Credit: Facebook/Jack Green
Even Starborn have to wait in line.

For instance, it has a waiting area complete with foldable chairs and a sizable office. We’re not sure what series the creator is taking inspiration from, but one user put the words into our mouths with a comment: “Did you just recreate the DMV in space?”

The sports room is something outpost builders can’t seem to do without, and this particular outpost’s gym is distinctive for also housing a couple of double-decked beds. You’d wonder how a crew can sleep soundly while the sounds of somebody punching a bag or pumping iron are in their ears.

Of course, the games room and lounge upstairs are a different story, however. Here, the player is treated to a view overlooking the plains and the ocean below. The player even made sure that there was a seat facing this vista so he could relax while not on exploration duty.

Building outposts is a fun activity, and it’s not a surprise if a Starfield player finds themselves getting carried away. It’s made even more fun with this mod that lets your fabricators snap and align perfectly in the build menu.

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