Bethesda Promises More Fixes, New Atlantis Part of Queue

new atlantis starfield

new atlantis starfield

It appears to be a busy time for the team of 250 developers assigned to Starfield at Bethesda. As promised, the team has pushed out a fix currently in beta testing on Steam - and it’s only the first in a series of updates announced in late December before the holidays.

Furthermore, a customer support representative for Bethesda has confirmed that, at the very least, the team has already set their eyes on fixing specific issues that players have brought up on social media channels.

In a Reddit thread, Bethesda’s community manager, who goes by the handle VioletLight_Bethesda, responded to a user query regarding a well-known bug in New Atlantis. When the player asked for a patch to fix the bug that resets real estate property in New Atlantis, the community manager confirmed that it was on their radar and being worked on.

Short of detailing a release date for this patch, VioletLight_Bethesda explained that the bug only occurs if you purchase a penthouse in the United Colonies capital before you finish the quests “High Price to Pay” and “Eyewitness,” among others.

In the same thread, community manager Robert O’Neill, who goes by the handle VaultOfDaedalus, also hinted that a fix for a persistent ship building bug is in the works. According to the Bethesda rep, the team is also working to fix the issue of moving all decorations inside a ship to the cargo bay when a user changes a single design to the vessel.

Are you looking for all the future changes that Bethesda will introduce to its most successful RPG so far? There’ll be a patch released officially every six weeks and two weeks of beta testing after that, so we’ll see a lot of fixes going out for this year!

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