Reddit User Finally Lands Perfect Beer Pong Shot

starfield beer pong

starfield beer pong

There are many recreational things you can do in Starfield to unwind from all that exploring. One of these activities is to try and perfect your beer pong abilities in-game.

This Reddit user takes his 'rest and recreation' in the galaxy to a whole new level. Good_Boye_Scientist, it seems, has spent much of his time in Starfield trying to perfect his beer pong shot.

He finally gets it after more than a hundred attempts!

While it looks simple, it’s a remarkable feat because this guy is lining up, taking his shot, and moving his camera simultaneously. Also, he does something that speaks of sophistication and advanced knowledge in geometry and physics.

In the video above, he tosses the ball high up in the air and lines it up with a celestial body hovering above his outpost. He uses that body - he doesn’t say if it’s a Moon or a Planet -- as a point of reference for his goal.

He fails at first but finally nails it in his second shot!

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Credit: Reddit
Sweet spot

User Dinsy_Crow commented on the player ingeniously using the celestial body as a reference point. Still, user UnHoly_One points out that Good_Boye_Scientist had perfect timing, as Starfield physics dictates that celestial bodies move in real-time.

This is correct, as streamer Alanah Pearce found out when she tried to space travel to Pluto. The planet keeps moving out of her sight due to orbital physics, compelling her to adjust every 30 minutes.

It’s an exciting week for Starfield players as Bethesda gears up to make available a beta version of a major update that will bring DLSS support into the game. The patch is due to drop anytime this week!

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