Nexus Mod Turns Player Character to an Inexhaustible Android

starfield player character falling or jumping

starfield player character falling or jumping

When exploring planets in Starfield, the lack of vehicular travel means players must leg it to get to their points of interest and fauna farms. This, however, takes a toll on their characters’ endurance.

With this new mod, however, people no longer have to worry about their characters running out of oxygen or becoming so tired that they start to drag their feet. This particular mod is called Sephs Re-Balance - Android.

As its name and accompanying pictures suggest, this mod turns the player character into an Android similar to Bishop, played by Lance Henriksen in the Alien films. This android feels no exhaustion, can jump higher, and can carry more items while exploring.

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Credit: Nexus

According to the mod’s description page, the creation increases the character’s oxygen capacity but slows down the drain. Any oxygen consumed will also be restored almost immediately. The character’s base carrying capacity is also increased to 750.

Since running across biomes takes time, the mod also increases the player’s running speed and jump distance. If they fall from heights, they won’t suffer any damage from the impact.

If you plan to download the mod from Nexus, ensure you have Nukem’s Plugins.txt enabled first. You must also create a new save game before you can use the mod.

A previous mod also made unlimited boosting a reality. This mod instantly replenishes any fuel consumed, allowing players to keep pressing and holding the Boost button to travel farther distances faster.

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