Fan Creation of the Week - Lego Akila City

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lego akila city

Lego has become synonymous with the entertainment industry. You’ve seen Lego versions of almost any film or cartoon come out on the market. Bethesda’s open-world RPG, Starfield, is no exception. Somebody published his first Starfield Lego creation on Reddit yesterday.

This Reddit user, who goes by the handle Taris120, posted a picture of a Lego recreation of the Freestar Colonies capital, Akila City. See for yourself with this image below.

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Credit: Instagram

Lego is similar to Starfield’s Ship Builder, connecting specifically shaped blocks to form a new creation. Lego’s block shape gives every creation a distinctive look, one which games like Minecraft and Roblox have emulated. Here, the blocks worked perfectly for recreating Akila City, where you first meet Sam and Cora Coe, the Shaw Gang, and Jacob Coe, among others.

Akila City is also where you can find Shepherd’s General Merchandise. This vendor location became infamous for having three puddles outside that became a mine for infinite cash. Known as the “puddle glitches,” this exploit eventually disappeared to fans' disappointment upon the release of update 1.7.33.

Bethesda is gearing up for long-term support for its biggest franchise so far. In an interview, Todd Howard said that he and his team knew Starfield was meant to be played for the long term.

Fans can expect a string of updates to come out in the future, following on the heels of Updates 1.7.33 and 1.7.36. Players eagerly await a patch that will integrate native DLSS support for PCs after they observed performance issues playing Starfield with Nvidia GPUs.

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