Tirna X

Tirna X is the tenth and last planet in the Alpha Tirna star system. An ice giant, it has an H2 atmosphere and deep freeze temperature. These conditions make it inhospitable to life. The planet also has no resources to offer. It has three moons: Tirna X-a, Tirna X-B, and Tirna X-C.

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Tirna X
  • Moons
  • FaunaNone
  • Resources
  • AtmosphereH2
  • TemperatureDeep freeze
  • Body TypeIce giant
  • Gravity1.79 g
  • FloraNone
  • TypeIce giant
  • SystemAlpha tirna
  • MagnetosphereVery strong
  • Orbiting

Where Is Tirna X?

Tirna X is the tenth planet in the Alpha Tirna star system. In the map, the closest star system to the Alpha Tirna star system is Delta Pavonis.

What Is on Tirna X?

Tirna X is an ice giant with an H2 atmosphere. However, due to its Deep freeze temperature, it is thought to be devoid of life and water supply. There are no resources you can mine on the planet.

Which Star System Is Tirna VIII In?

Tirna X is part of the Alpha Tirna star system.

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