Shocktroop space helmet

Shocktroop space helmet is a type of helmet worn by players in Starfield. It is used to shield their head and face, enhancing damage resistance.

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Starfield Shocktroop space helmet armors Image
Shocktroop space helmet
  • Damage Reduction
    • electromagnetic 40
    • physical 48
    • energy 32
  • Resistance
    • corrosive 20
    • airborne 0
    • radiation 5
    • thermal 5
  • Value 2470
  • Mass 2.1

Where can Shocktroop space helmet be found?

The specific details of this item are still unknown. However, players can find it in random containers, as loot from vanquished foes, or among certain NPC characters.

What build is Shocktroop space helmet good for?

The Shocktroop space helmet increases melee damage in combat, making it ideal for players with a melee build focused on close combat. Additionally, its ability to decrease enemy detection can be beneficial for stealth and thief builds, allowing for more discreet movements.

Is Shocktroop space helmet good?

Yes this helmet is good due to its modification that enhances detection range, damage resistance, and more that may help players survive or complete their quest adventure.

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